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When you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you can feel the weight of the criminal justice system pressing down on you. The police can be intimidating, the prosecution can be aggressive and the penalties you face can be severe. You may feel pressured to make a plea you don’t want to make, and may not have to make!

At times like these, it’s important to have an experienced DUI/DWI defense attorney on your side. Some attorneys will tell you to just take the plea deal the prosecution offers you so that you can go on with your life, but that isn’t always the best choice. Also, a plea is much cheaper but, money is replaceable…your criminal history record is not! Further, there are many long-lasting, adverse consequences to a DWI/DUI conviction. A skilled DWI defense attorney in Houston can explain the process to you, give you candid advice and help you fight for your future.


At the Tyler, Texas, office of Tommy E. Swate, Attorney at Law, P.C., we work exclusively with DUI/DWI defense. We know the law and the procedures, and we know the strategies to help you defend your driver’s license, your freedom and your future.

Our firm is led by attorney Tommy E. Swate. A lifelong resident of the Tyler area, he has more than 30 years of experience as a DWI defense lawyer. Throughout his career, he has defended ordinary people accused of crimes, and he has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to fight for their futures when they are accused of drunk driving offenses.

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