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Irregular Behavior

What a citation of Irregular Behavior Means for you.


If the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) cites you for Irregular Behavior which the NBME finds is similar to cheating some of the consequences can be:


  • Voiding of your best exam score and you may be required to wait a year or more to retake the exam.
  • Delays in graduating.
  • Prevent you from obtaining or entering a residency program.
  • Notation of Irregular Behavior will be placed on your Step Exam Transcript.
  • Reported to others requesting your test scores.
  • Disqualifications from many jobs or residency programs.


The best action you can take is to consult with Dr. Swate who will provide you with the best possible Irregular Behavior Defense as soon as you have been accused by the NBME.  The initial consultation is free, so give us a call.


What if I Receive a Citation of Irregular Behavior?


So you are attending Medical School, have taken a portion of the USMLE. You receive an Irregular Behavior letter from the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) citing that they have found Irregular Behavior on your test.  At this point you need to contact an Attorney who specializes in presentation of cases before the NBME.  Dr. Swate, being a retired Medical Doctor himself and currently is a practicing Attorney is here to help you navigate the complicated process.  He will:


  • Review NBME evidence that pertains to your case such as documents, photos, videos, any other things that may apply.
  • Appear with you in front of the NBME at the NBME Hearing.
  • Make recommendations for other documents that should be obtained in your case.
  • Prepare you to answer questions that the NBME may have regarding your case.


Your future is at stake,  an initial consultation with Dr. Swate is free.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.  Hiring us as soon as you receive this letter will allow us to build a compelling case as to why you should be granted into the Medical Field without citation.