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The Medical License of Dr. Gregory M. Gibbons vs. The Texas Medical Board

The Medical License of Dr. Gregory M. Gibbons vs. The Texas Medical Board

I read this news article on about Dr. Gregory Michael Gibbons temporary losing his license for allegedly drinking on the job. Click Here for the Article. I began to think about how many attorneys approach an allegation like this incorrectly. Here is what should be done:

When a Doctor is suspended he/she will have the right to ask for an emergency hearing. The physician has rights to a hearing, but he/she must ask for the hearing. Rapid preparation is required. This is not the time your lawyer to learn about the medicine that is going to apply to your situation. Nor, is it the time for a lawyer to claim he can clear your name. It is important to contact a lawyer with experience with The Texas Medical Board (TMB). It is not a matter of beating the rap, it a matter of saving your career. For example the physician who has a substance abuse problem must develop a rehabilitation plan immediately. It does not matter whether the Doctor believes he has a problem or not. The audience is not the physician but the Board members. Remember, a play is directed at the audience, not the actors. A combination of knowledge of the medical aspects of the situation and applying the legal rules will have a better result than ignoring the medical facts and concentrating only on a legal response. Rapid action is a MUST and a comprehensive plan is also a MUST. You have to address whatever problem it is that the TMB is claiming and quickly response to that claim. You must show you are not a risk to the public. Let us help you regain your career.

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