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The Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic

There has been a recent surge in political awareness regarding the potential for opioid abuse. In March the CDC published a hit piece that suggested an association between early opioid prescribing and the likelihood of long term use. There is a growing political consensus that physicians are responsible for the opioid problem.

I predict that there will be further attacks on physicians who treat pain. The new interest will result in enforcement activity with risk to healthcare provider professional license. Attention is directed to the CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids. Plus, the CDC is suggesting that pharmacists are equal responsible as physicians.

The result is fewer healthcare providers including pharmacists are going to treat or dispense narcotics for treatment of chronic pain. Second enforcement action is going to increase with targeting of physicians and pharmacist who treat and dispense narcotics. A ethical healthcare providers who believes in treating chronic pain will be at risk. The risk can be lessened by developing a plan.

Healthcare providers who treat chronic pain with narcotics are going to need an Opioid Compliance Plan. The Opioid Compliance Plan is an important tool for implementing best prescribing practices and avoiding violations of the applicable regulations. If you need help in developing an Opioid Compliance Plan don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Tommy Swate at 832-702-7599. Protect your license by developing a compliance plan.

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