The second test is the Walk and Turn test. This is where you’re instructed to stand with your arms to your side with your left foot on an ‘imaginary’ line with your right foot directly in front, heel to toe while the officer gives you the instructions about as fast as he can. Then take a series of 9 heel to toe steps while counting each step until you reach 9, Then, pivot on your left foot with a series of small steps taken by your right foot. Then return down the ‘imaginary’ line taking 9 heel to toe steps while counting out loud.

There are eight criteria with which the officer ‘grades’ you with a pass/fail result on the walk and turn. You’re not told about them, but you’re being graded, nevertheless. Don’t worry, if you have alcohol on your breath, the officer has already made the decision to arrest you. This ‘test’ is just ‘going through the motions’.

I’ve never talked with a person outside of my office who has been questioned by the officer regarding DWI and passed the test and released.

This is exactly why you need competent counsel to tip the balance back to your favor.

I do recommend folks to perform the ‘balance tests’, namely, the walk and turn and the one leg stand. Remember, the officer’s video camera is rolling and you’re being recorded, both your actions and your voice through his remote microphone. This will give the jury the ability to see exactly how you were at the time of driving.