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Why SWATE Law?

Why SWATE Law?

There are several parties involved in your DWI case: your DWI lawyer, the prosecutor, police officers, the judge, witnesses, breath test operators, blood draw nurses and lab analyst, etc. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) cases are complex and require a vast knowledge of the law and most often the science of breath and blood testing. Hiring an experienced Houston DWI Lawyer who understands the science behind the tests used by the government in blood alcohol analysis can save you from a permanent conviction on your criminal record.

However, the most important person in your case is you. As such, your DWI lawyer evaluates each case individually.

While many Houston DWI lawyers simply look at the general facts, your DWI Lawyer Tommy from SWATE LAW delves into the details to construct creative strategies in your particular case. Who you are as an individual, your needs, and your desired outcome is of the utmost importance in creating the strategy for your case.

No scientific analysis performed by a government expert is one hundred percent accurate each and every time they perform the test. Your DWI lawyer, SWATE LAW’S extensive scientific training and experience in the testing used by the government in driving while intoxicated cases is extremely beneficial in finding and exposing errors and inaccuracies.

Arrested for Drunk Driving in Fort Bend? Tommy (713)377 4860

We recognize the severity of a drunk driving arrest, whether it is for misdemeanor DWI, felony DWI, felony intoxication assault, or felony intoxication manslaughter. I have prosecuted all these types of cases, and I can use this firsthand experience when building your defense. Because I know how to put these cases together, I also know how to take them apart.

Without proper representation, you could immediately lose your driver’s license, be wrongly convicted, be subjected to expensive Department of Public Safety-imposed surcharges and incur increased auto insurance for years to come. If you have been arrested for a DWI, contact my firm immediately to start your defense.

Immediate Consequences

The state of Texas has an administrative license revocation (ALR) process. Essentially, you have a mere 15 days to contest the automatic suspension of your driver’s license, which will occur independent of any criminal proceedings. Don’t wait another moment before contacting the SWATE LAW to begin the process of defending your driving privileges with our DWI lawyer.

Fighting for Your Rights & Freedom

Don’t wait to find excellent legal representation. If you are currently faced with DWI charges, call 713 377 4860 ! SWATE LAW